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Project Udaan 2.0- Empowering India's Poor and Underprivileged Youth: Your Chance to Make a Difference
India possesses a huge demographic dividend of youth, but millions of these youth lack access to Quality Education they needed to succeed in life. Your donation to Project Udaan 2.0 changes that by ensuring a brighter future for both these deprived youth and our nation.

Why is Udaan 2.0 required?
Over 10 crore underprivileged Indian youth lack access to quality education, handicapping them in the job market and limiting their potential. This traps them and their families in a vicious cycle of poverty, and the nation loses their valuable contribution to building a stronger India. Project Udaan 2.0 bridges this gap by offering almost free online courses in English Language, Personality Development and soft Skills, Valuable (but highly costly) Recruitment Examination Coaching etc , empowering them to RISE AND SHINE IN LIFE AS WELL AS CONTRIBUTE TO THE NATION’S GROWTH !

What does Udaan 2.0 do?
We level the playing field, giving underprivileged youth access to top-quality training and up-skilling programs so they can compete, get better jobs, and build fulfilling lives.

How does it work?
We partner with organizations like PhysicsWallah to provide premier educational experiences. Our implementation partner, CSC Academy ( A Govt of India Initiative. with its six lakh Digital Seva Kendra all across the country up to the remotest villages ) ensures that we reach the poor and underprivileged youth even in the most remote areas of our nation.

Who's already helping?
AU Small Finance Bank, - Coal India Limited, and other generous individual donors are helping us in this social cause .

What's the impact?
You're not just funding education of a poor and underprivileged youth , but you're investing in India's future. Imagine a nation where everyone has the tools to thrive – that's "Humare Sapno Ka Bharat!"

How Can You Help?

Sponsor a student:
Invest in the future! Sponsor as many students as you'd like @ Rs 3000/- each by clicking the link below , and empower them through Project Udaan 2.0 courses.
Thanks for caring !

“आपकी छोटी सहायता राशि देश के गरीब और वंचित नौजवानों के जीवन में परिवर्तन ला सकती है|
यही समय है – “अपने देश का ऋण चुकाने का“
आपकी सहायता राशि पर भारतीय आयकर अधिनियम की धारा 80जी के अन्तर्गत छूट प्राप्त होगी ।”

Your small help can transform the life of the poor and underprivileged youth of the country.

Your donation to us is eligible for deduction u/s 80 G of the Indian Income Tax Act.

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